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Live Feedback

Members of the public may submit comments to the IACC via a Live Feedback Form, which will be accessible from the webcast page on the day of the meeting. No pre-registration is required. For more information, please see the Instructions and Guidelines below.


To submit a comment or question to the IACC during the meeting, please follow these instructions:


Comments sent to the IACC and following the guidance below will become part of the public record. This form should not be used to correspond with individual members of the committee.

The live feedback form is best suited to providing brief, concise comments and questions to the committee, and not for lengthy submissions. If you wish to provide more in-depth feedback, please submit a public comment via the following form on the IACC website: If you wish for the comment to be considered at a particular IACC meeting, please submit it by the written public comment deadline for that meeting.

When submitting your comment, please do not include any of the following in the body of the comment:

Please note that submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be removed and will not become part of the public record.

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