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IACC Spirit of Collaboration
In the IACC Strategic Plan, the IACC listed the "Spirit of Collaboration" as one of its core values, stating that, "We will treat others with respect, listen with open minds to the diverse lived experiences of people on the autism spectrum and their families, consider multiple solutions, and foster discussions where participants can comfortably share different opinions." In keeping with this core value, the IACC and the NIMH Office of National Autism Coordination (ONAC) ask that members of the public who provide public comments or participate in meetings of the IACC also seek to treat others with respect and consideration in their communications and actions, even when discussing issues of genuine concern or disagreement.

Please use this form to provide public comments to the IACC. Comments submitted using this form will be provided to the committee at their full committee meetings. For more information, see the IACC Public Comment Guidelines.

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