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Request for Public Comments - 2021-2022 IACC Strategic Plan

October 1, 2021 - November 30, 2021


The IACC is requesting public comments to inform the development of the 2021-2022 IACC Strategic Plan. The current IACC Strategic Plan that was issued in 2017 was developed through an extensive process engaging a wide range of stakeholders including federal agencies and the public. The IACC issued a progress update of the Strategic Plan in 2019. The IACC Strategic Plan chapters are organized around seven topic areas that are related to community-focused questions (provided below). The IACC is requesting comment on what you consider to be the most important issues, needs, and gaps in these seven topical areas that could be addressed by federal programs and activities, and/or in partnership with community organizations. In addition, two supplemental questions have been added to the RFI regarding the impact of the pandemic and the needs of underserved populations:

  1. Question 1: How Can I Recognize the Signs of ASD, and Why is Early Detection So Important? (Topic: Screening and Diagnosis)
  2. Question 2: What is the Biology Underlying ASD? (Topic: Biology)
  3. Question 3: What Causes ASD, and Can Disabling Aspects of ASD be Prevented or Preempted? (Topic: Risk Factors)
  4. Question 4: Which Treatments and Interventions Will Help? (Topic: Treatments and Interventions)
  5. Question 5: What Kinds of Services and Supports are Needed to Maximize Quality of Life for People on the Autism Spectrum? (Topic: Services)
  6. Question 6: How Can We Meet the Needs of People with ASD as They Progress into and through Adulthood? (Topic: Lifespan Issues)
  7. Question 7: How Do We Continue to Build, Expand, and Enhance the Infrastructure System to Meet the Needs of the ASD Community? (Topic: Infrastructure and Surveillance)
  8. Supplemental Question 1: What are important issues for the IACC to consider with regard to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the autism community?
  9. Supplemental Question 2: What are important issues for the IACC to consider with regard to the needs of underserved populations within the autism community, including racial and ethnic minorities, economically disadvantaged communities, and rural populations?

How to Comment

Use the form below to submit your comments about the 2021-2022 IACC Strategic Plan. Each box will accept a maximum of 1,500 characters (including letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.).

You can move between questions using the navigation buttons, which will allow you to revise your comments. For convenience, you may wish to prepare your comments in another program and then copy to the web form. Although answers are saved after clicking “Next,” your comments will only be recorded when "Submit" is clicked at the end of the form.

If you wish to only submit comments for selected questions, please navigate to those questions, fill in the boxes, and then navigate to the end of the form and click "Submit." Commenters will receive an onscreen confirmation that their response has been received, but will not receive individualized feedback or email responses from the IACC.

Public Disclosure Notice

All responses will become a part of the public record and will be redacted in accordance with federal policies and made publicly available on the IACC website ( within 90 days of the closing deadline. After the closing deadline, responses cannot be edited or withdrawn. Please do not include any personally identifiable or confidential information, including detailed medical information or records. Links may be included, but attachments are not permitted. No basis for claims against the U.S. Government shall arise as a result of a response to this request for public comment from the Government's use of such information.

Comments may be submitted anonymously or you may have your name and/or organization associated with your response. Names and organization affiliations provided will become a part of the public record.

A valid email is required to submit a comment, and only one submission per email address will be accepted. Email addresses will not be publicly disclosed.

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