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Portfolio Analysis Cover 2009

Portfolio Analysis Report

IACC Autism Spectrum Disorder Research



Total funding for ASD research from all participating agencies and organizations increased by 41% between 2008 ($222,215,342) and 2009 ($314,385,374). This is the result of a 65% increase in Federal spending ($93,701,880) and a 2% decrease ($1,531,848) in private funding between 2008 and 2009. NIH-ARRA funds provided a substantial boost to ASD research funding in 2009, but even without ARRA funding, total Federal investment increased 21% from 2008 ($143,724,845) to 2009 ($173,457,733). Of the 995 ASD research projects funded in 2009, $123,574,025 (39%) and 348 (35%) of those projects were newly established.

The 2009 ASD Research Funding Portfolio Analysis Report is the second comprehensive annual review of ASD research funding across both the Federal and private sectors and provides a valuable snapshot of the current funding landscape. While this Portfolio Analysis provides a comprehensive account of research specific to autism, certain broad research efforts in Federal agencies and private organizations related to topics such as intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain disorders, and communication deficits are not fully captured in this analysis.

The IACC/OARC will continue to conduct annual portfolio analyses as part of the process for updating the IACC Strategic Plan for ASD Research. Trends identified during the analysis can be used to address underfunded areas, identify new research opportunities and priorities, and guide the direction of future research.


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