IACC 2009 Scientific Workshop: Transcripts  
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IACC 2009 Scientific Workshop: Transcripts

Conference Call Transcripts

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Panel 1

When Should I Be Concerned?

Clinical Experts: Geraldine Dawson, Rebecca Landa
Research Experts: Deborah Fein, Catherine Lord
Family/Personal Experts: Paula Durbin-Westby, Nancy Wiseman
Coordinated by IACC Liaisons: Yvette Janvier, Jennifer Johnson
September 17, 2009 September 22, 2009 No call

Panel 2

How Can I Understand What is Happening?

Clinical Experts: Pauline Filipek, Sarah Spence
Research Experts: David Amaral, Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom
Family/Personal Experts: Ashura Buckley, Denise Resnick
Coordinated by IACC Liaisons: Alison Singer, Edwin Trevathan
September 17, 2009 September 23, 2009 No call

Panel 3

What Caused This to Happen and Can It Be Prevented?

Clinical Experts: Robin Hansen, Susan Swedo
Research Experts: Craig Newschaffer, Matthew State
Family/Personal Experts: Lars Perner, Jeffrey Sell
Coordinated by IACC Liaisons: Lee Grossman, Story Landis
September 16, 2009 September 23, 2009 No call

Panel 4

Which Treatments and Interventions Will Help?

Clinical Experts: Robert Hendren, Eric Samstad
Research Experts: Edwin Cook, Bryan King
Family/Personal Experts: Joyce Chung, Sharisa Kochmeister
Coordinated by IACC Liaisons: Thomas Insel, Stephen Shore
September 18, 2009 September 22, 2009 No call

Panel 5

Where Can I Turn for Services? What Does the Future Hold?

Clinical Experts: Tec Chapman, Cathy Pratt
Research Experts: Peter Gerhardt, David Mandell
Family/Personal Experts: Ann Gibbons, Marjorie Solomon
Coordinated by IACC Liaisons: Ellen Blackwell, Christine McKee
September 14, 2009 September 21, 2009 September 24, 2009

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